Gino Barbaro

This really is the Complete Guide to Master Lease Options! Bill shows you exactly how to close deals with little to no money down by leveraging other people’s money.

Jake Stenziano

Bill was instrumental in helping us launch our mentoring program. He’s been indispensable and this book will show the reader exactly why. His 15+ years of experience will help you as much as it has us.


The Create A Successful Credibility Book

Behind every successful real estate business is an outstanding business plan. Thanks to Jake & Gino’s How to Create a Successful Credibility Book course, you’ll learn what’s needed to create your very own business plan from the ground up, which includes everything from investing strategies, current holdings, and your personal plan for investing in future properties.

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Seller Financing & Master Lease Options

In Seller Financing & Master Lease Options, you’ll learn step-by-step from Bill and his partners Jake & Gino how to:

  • Buy property without ever stepping into a bank.
  • Identify the best emerging markets.
  • Find the right deals.
  • Analyze and underwrite those deals.
  • Make offers and perform due diligence.
  • Negotiate successfully.
Come out ahead with exit strategies for creating wealth.

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Bill Ham | One Pager

Bill is the author of Creative Cash, The Complete Guide to Master Lease Options and Seller Financing for Investing in Real Estate. The book provides an in-depth approach to using creative financing techniques and shares stories of how Bill closed on this first 400 units without working with a bank or qualifying for a loan.

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